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We’ve been producing cast polyurethane products for almost 50 years

We produce cast polyurethane mouldings of all shapes, sizes, colours and shores for use across a wide variety of industries and applications. Our most common products are listed below. Feel free to get in touch to discuss the requirements for your job.

Wheels and rollers

We create polyurethane wheels and rollers of varying widths and diameters. Polyurethane is extremely hard-wearing and, in most cases, works out cheaper than a replacement rubber product.

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Large vintage wheels

We can build or refurbish one-off sets of large replacement wheels for vintage vehicles. We’ve done this for all sorts of vehicles including tanks, trucks, steam engines and wagons.

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Pipe lining

We can refurbish old pipes or manufacture new pipes to order. We can create individual pipe section inserts or centrifugally cast polyurethane pipe lining to the inside of pre-existing pipe.

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Conveyor scrapers

We manufacture new or replacement scrapers and blades. We can produce replacement blades in either small modular sections or in single sections of much greater length.

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Bespoke products

We can produce bespoke components of all shapes and sizes. Almost anything that is usually made of rubber would benefit from the high abrasion resistance of polyurethane.

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