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Large vintage wheels

We can produce one-off sets of large replacement wheels for vintage vehicles

We’ve built or refurbished vintage wheels for a wide variety of vehicles including tanks, trucks, steam engines and wagons. Usually we’ll shot blast the surface of the old wheel, paint on a bonding agent and then apply a new polyurethane tyre before finishing your wheel on a lathe.


We can lathe-finish your wheel on site for anything up to a meter in diameter.


Although these wheels are usually black, if you have a specific colour requirement, we can work with our pigment supplier to produce a colour match to suit your requirements.


We can produce our polyurethane tyres at a range of hardnesses to best suit your vehicle.

Pickup and delivery

If distance or transport are an issue, we can arrange a pallet carrier to collect your wheels and deliver them to our works. We can do the same in reverse when they are completed.

Tell us about your project

Whatever your requirements, whether big or small, drop us an email with the details and we'll get back to you with a quote.
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