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Bespoke products

Small, large or one-off – we can manufacture it for you

Polyurethane is a very good replacement for a wide range of parts which suffer from abrasive wear. If you have a requirement, please get in touch so that we can discuss the best solution for you.


We have a range of pigments available but, if you have a specific colour requirement, we can work with our pigment supplier to produce a colour match to suit.


We can manufacture your product from very soft (65A on the Shore A scale) to very hard (up to 55D on the Shore D scale) depending on the needs of your application.


We can also produce components that need a metal fitting or a screw thread. We carry out most of our metalwork in house.

Turnaround times

Most of our jobs are turned around in 2 to 3 weeks but we can often push small or urgent jobs through in a shorter time-frame.


Our facilities are best suited to the production of individual products or small runs. We don’t usually mass produce components, but get in touch with your job’s requirements to discuss what we can do for you.

Tell us about your project

Whatever your requirements, whether big or small, drop us an email with the details and we'll get back to you with a quote.
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